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Q: What kind of game is <Dawnbreaker Online>?

A: <Dawnbreaker Online> is an original web-based RPG game. Players progress through the game as human summoners that bring the Deities of Astral Realm back in time, before Ragnarok took place, in order to save them.

Q: How to create characters?

A: Players can log into the game directly via the URL and reach the character creation page. Select a gender and class to start the game!


Q: I can't create any characters. What's wrong?

A:Character names can only contain letters and numbers. If the name you entered contains special characters or words banned by the system, then you cannot create a character with that game. Please keep this in mind when creating characters.


Q: How many classes are there in <Dawnbreaker Online>?

A:There are 2 classes at the moment: Swordsman and Mage.


Q: What are their specialties?

 A: Swordsman has more HP and P. DEF, and they deal physical damage. Great for being in the front.Mage has high M. ATK as well as support spells, great to be in the back and attack from range.


Q: How to quickly level up and obtain Familiars?

 A: After completing the tutorial, players can follow the guides in Plot and Side quests to quickly level up during the early stages in the game. Players that love Familiars can blitz Plot Quests or use daily summons to get orb.