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Battle System

1. Starting Battle

After logging in, players can enter different zones to start battles





Main Character

Ø Energy: Used for casting skills

Ø Normal Skills: up to 3, no cooldown, costs Energy to use; generates Rage

Ø Pursuit Skills: normal skills can be upgraded to carry Pursuit effects, which will automatically be applied when normal skills are used during Pursuit

Ø Ultimate: only one, and can only be used when Rage is full. Excessive Rage grants bonus effects


Ø Normal Skills: Each Deity can equip 1 normal skill that will be automatically used when it's off cooldown

Ø Pursuit Skills: During Pursuit, these skills are used in their order in the Lineup

Ø Ultimate: same as main character

Divine Formation:

Ø After Sacred Planes are unlocked, Divine Formations can be set in the Lineup

Ø These formations can be triggered during battles

Ø Energy: Used for triggering Divine Formations

Ø These formations grant buffs to the side that triggers them

Ø Different formations have different effects


Ø Combo mode is triggered after the target is hit by a skill (this skill will also be included in the count). In Combo mode, the Combo count is the number of consecutive times the enemy was hit by a skill

Ø If target is not hit by a skill over a set period of time, Combo mode ends (currently the default is 1 second)

Ø Combos will be rewarded based the count. The higher the count, the better the rewards (Divine Formation Points, Mana, War Spirit)

Ø In Combo mode, a mechanism will determine Combo count and reward based skills

Ø Every skill has a combo count, and it is not included in the streak until the target takes damage. If a skill deals damage multiple times, each hit has its own combo count. In other words, combo count is linked to damage.


2.2 Strategy

Ø Beginners: Positioning, skill timing (Ultimate)

Ø Intermediate: Combo and Pursuit skills (aerial, knockback, knockdown); make use of skill effects

Ø Advanced: Team composition, combination of Deities and Skills; more TCG-like playing style