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Daily Benefits

1. Unlocking Daily Benefits

When players reach a certain level, Daily Benefits will be unlocked. Tap the "Daily Benefits" button to open the page.



2.Daily Benefits  (There are 5 benefits within Daily Benefits)

2.1. Daily Sign-in:


Ø Players can sign in every day after logging in

Ø Sign in to collect the corresponding rewards

Ø Accumulate sign-ins to get better rewards

Ø You can use Gold to make up for missed sign-ins, and they will be counted in the aggregate

Ø Each sign-in cycle is 30 days. This is calculated from the server's opening day and not by calendar.


2.2.Online Time Reward


Ø Online Rewards are divided into First-time Rewards and Daily Rewards

Ø You must collect all the First-time Rewards before you can start collecting Daily Rewards.

Ø Rewards (and their quantities) for time spent online are determined by level.

Ø Spend more time online to get more rewards.

Ø Reach specific milestones to get corresponding rewards.

Ø Certain VIP levels have Online Reward multipliers.

Ø Online time is reset daily


2.3. Reclaim Resources


Ø Spend Gold or Pyrum to recover a portion of the rewards of Events that you missed

Ø The higher the recovery amount, the higher the cost

Ø You can recover up to 5 days' worth of resources

2.4Daily Activity


Ø Earn EXP and Activity Points by completing objectives

Ø Earn more Activity Points to open Activity Chests and get more rewards

2.5Level Pack


Ø Reach specific levels to collect Level Packs

Ø Spend Pyrum to buy Level Sale Packs, which are great value