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Q: What do Familiars do?

A:Familiars are an integral part of the game. Every Familiar has unique Ultimates. Higher Familiar level, talents and skills are more helpful in combat and in getting Familiar Shards.


Q: How to get Familiar Shards?

A:Shards can be obtained from blitzing Plot, going on visits in Adventure and summoning. Holiday Events and Summon grant rare Familiars.


Q: What are the different Familiar qualities?

 A: Uncommon, Uncommon +1, Uncommon +2, Rare, Rare +1, Rare +2, Rare +3, Epic, Epic +1, Epic +2, Epic +3, Epic +4, and Epic +5


Q: How to increase the quality of a Familiar?

A:Quality of a Familiar can be increase by Shards.