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Q: How to enable/disable background music?

 A: Tap the musical note in the top right corner to enable or disable background music and sound effects. Enter Settings to adjust the volume manually.


Q: How to chat?

A: Chat area is in the bottom left corner of the screen. Select a channel, then enter the message and tap return to send it;


Q: How to add friends?

A: Tap the "Friends" button in the top right corner to open the list of friends, then tap "Add Friends" and enter your friend's character name to add.


Q: How to create/join a Guild?

A: Players that do not belong to any Guilds can tap the "Guild" icon in the bottom right corner, then tap the "Create Guild" button to create new Guilds, or search for a Guild based on conditions then tap "Request" and wait for authorized Guild members to approve the join request;


Q: What are the requirements for creating/joining a Guild?

A: Players that want to create Guilds must reach Level 21 and have 100,000 Gold. Players that want to join existing Guilds must meet the requirements first.


Q: What are the benefits of joining a Guild?

A: To experience different features of a Guild and enjoy Guild benefits.


Q: What is Guild Donation?

A: Donate Gold or Pyrum to increase Guild fund and earn Contribution as a reward.


Q: How to quit a Guild?

A: Tap the "Leave" button, which is located on the main Guild page, to leave Guild. Personal Contribution is reset to 0 after quitting a guild.


Q: How to accept/complete quests?

A: Quests are automatically triggers after conditions are met. Players can tap the word "Quest" in white to the right to enable directions to Quest locations. After completion, simply tap the word "Quest" in green to the right to collect quest rewards.


Q: How to view Backpack and character stats?

A:Tap the "Character" icon in the menu to open and manage character and backpack. Character BR, basic stats, skills and equipment are displayed on the Character page, and a sorted list of items is displayed on the Backpack page.


Q: What is Pyrum and how to obtain it?

A: It is the main currency in the game. It can be used in Gem Summon and in purchasing Stamina and Blitz attempts. Players can get more Pyrum via recharge, quest rewards, event rewards and daily login rewards;