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VIP System

1. How to obtain VIP Status

Players can gain VIP status and VIP EXP via topping up. VIP EXP increases VIP levels.


2. VIP functions


3. VIP Pack


Ø Each VIP level comes with a one-time pack.

Ø VIP players get daily and weekly packs, with rewards varying depending on level.


4. Foundation Perks


Ø VIP perks are divided into Foundation and Growth.

Ø Foundation Perks become available as soon as the corresponding levels are reached.


5. Growth Perks

Ø Growth Perks are divided into different systems, which each having a level that can be gained via spending Gold.

Ø Growth Perks are activated at certain progression points, and each system has multiple Growth Perks.

Ø Leveling up the perks in each system will increase their effects.

Ø Growth Perks are also limited by VIP levels.