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Workshop System

1. Unlocking Workshop

The Workshop is unlocked when players reach a certain point in the story. Use the “Upgrade” button to open the page


“Upgrade” is the first unlocked feature, and more features will be unlocked as players level up


2. Upgrade


Ø Each slot can be upgraded to increase the stats of equipment in the slot

Ø Slot upgrades apply to all equipment, equipped or not

Ø Each slot can be upgraded to Level 100

Ø It takes a certain amount of Upgrade Stones and Gold to upgrade, and has a chance to fail, but players can choose to use Pyrum to guarantee success


3. Gems


Ø Equipment of different qualities have different numbers of slots for gems. Slots must be opened with Slotting Picks before gems can be applied

Ø Slotting gems will give additional stat bonuses to a piece of equipment. Each gem type can only be embedded once in a piece of equipment. Higher level gems have better stat bonuses, and can created via Synth

Ø Embedded gems can be removed by tapping




Ø Schemes are unlocked at corresponding levels

Ø Choose a scheme and consume the required materials to craft individual pieces or set pieces

Ø There are two types of Crafting materials: Rare Material (not required, up to N can be used each time) increases the chance to get a set piece, and Basic Materials (required)



5. Disassemble


Ø Disassembling requires a certain amount of resources

Ø Resource requirement increases as equipment increases in quality

Ø Gems on the equipment are automatically removed and sent to Backpack after disassembly

Ø A certain amount of resources will be returned after a success disassemble

Ø Resources obtained will change depending on equipment quality





Ø Reforge can only be applied to rare stats

Ø Reforge changes the amount of a stat but does not change one stat to another

Ø Specific items or Pyrum are required to lock a stat

Ø Morphing requires specific resources as well



7. Synth


Ø A few pieces of the same material can be combined to create an item of a higherl level

Ø During Synth, use Synth Talismans to increase the success rate up to 100%. Gold may also be used to supplement

Ø A portion of the materials will be returned when Synth fails